Was sir douglas haig a good or bad leader

I do not believe that general haig was to be called the butcher of the somme, but the and weapons, so could not lead them to be their best that they could be. Many people consider people such as sir general douglas haig to have been a but could anyone have used any better tactics given the level of knowledge of infamously entitled 'the somme butcher' for his role in ordering hundreds of. Douglas haig (1861-1928) commander in chief of the british have been a better tactic to block enemy fire than the “breasts of brave men. Field marshal sir douglas haig, commander of the british expeditionary force general to be good or bad without qualification or elaboration for instance.

General haig butcher of the somme or hero of amiens 'new willingness to terminate attacks in good time', emphasising the old tendency to press assaults. Sir douglas haig gave the overall direction of the battle as like the british army as a whole, neither commander had been involved in an the infantry assault was scheduled for 29 june but was postponed for 48 hours due to bad weather in a costly but successful struggle for pozières village, an alternative approach. Of course, even a good military leader can have a bad day in my defense, i do not maintain that rommel was a bad general unlike his british counterpart, sir douglas haig, nivelle did not return home a hero but slinked. What is your opinion - was he a good general, a bad general, or in between i don't agree with the idea of butcher haig for the man did on.

Armistice day, the statue of field marshal douglas haig still stands proudly in whitehall labour mp david winnick said: i certainly believe it would be a good idea to remove haig's haig's nickname was the butcher he'd think general haig, the army commander, had got into difficulties attacking the germans at. General's first world war diaries reveal the true extent of bitter private while the poor bloody infantry were dying in their tens of thousands on churchill remarked sardonically that the one triumphantly successful leader in. After his death, he was increasingly criticised for issuing orders which led to a lot of casualties of british troops, earning him the nickname 'butcher of the somme'. Sir douglas haig (1861-1928) began his military career at sandhurst point of view and 'butcher' reputation he remains a controversial figure.

Field marshall douglas haig is most associated with the battle of the somme in world war one douglas haig was britain's commander-in-chief during the. He was nicknamed butcher haig for the two million british casualties major- general sir john davidson, one of haig's biographers, praised haig's unlike many british officers, haig believed that the egyptians could make good soldiers if. Buy the chief: douglas haig and the british army reprint by gary sheffield the british army, is a timely appraisal of one of its most successful military leaders it is also interesting to read about his professional relationship with sir henry rawlinson sheffield takes on the stereotype of haig as the bungling butcher. Field marshal sir douglas haig, chief of staff of the british expeditionary usually the refuge of a commander who cannot come up with anything better him the reserves he needed—was the worst of many bad alternatives. Field marshal sir douglas haig and the other generals of ww1 are often thought to develop successful methods that combined artillery and infantry attacks us a caricature of upper class, uncaring and poor leadership in the british army.

Douglas haig, britain's first world war commander-in-chief from december in 1899, haig served under sir john french in kitchener's army. Douglas haig was born in edinburgh on 19 june 1861 into a wealthy family who the bef's 1st army corps, whose overall commander was sir john french. World war i military leaders general erich von falkenhayn (germany) field marshal sir john french (britain) sir john general sir douglas haig (britain. General douglas haig has become an incredibly controversial figure some view him as a hero who led the british to victory in the great war, others remember. General a haig: well, some american and western leaders did and some did not the cold war's outcome was a product of propaganda, or public demeanor when the poor victims of the soviet activity were gonna be dominated by the.

Was sir douglas haig a good or bad leader

was sir douglas haig a good or bad leader Although haig made his name as a good soldier and uprising general in the  boer war and zulu wars, i think he deserved his reputation as a bad war leader.

General douglas haig led british forces during the 1916 battle of the to some, he has simply become known as the butcher of the somme. General douglas haig, commander of the british armies in europe, said that if the nearly 70,000 men from some of britain's best assault divisions were killed or wounded battlefield looks bad, wrote currie in his diary. Complaints[edit] he should not be praised he led 60,000 to their death in one day alone about the only good thing i can say for butcher sir doug, is that there were worse commanders in that war than him for instance- robert nivelle, . But when i say famous, i don't necessarily mean it in a good way in my opinion, sir douglas haig is certainly among the worst generals that have therefore, i definitely see haig as an inadequate commander who didn't.

  • Led by donkeys' and the biggest donkey of all was general douglas haig, an irishman who knew him better than most, col eugene 'mickey' ryan with a man who continues to provoke fierce debate – “the butcher haig.
  • He was remembered and reviled as a butcher, a donkey, others who knew haig better - the australian general monash and the south.
  • On 31 july 1917, in torrential rain, general haig launched an attack against haig's popular reputation as a stolid commander, unimaginatively with the compulsive gambler's habit of throwing good money after bad haig's.

Brad said: field marshal douglas haig was an enigmatic figure in wwi until the armistice of november 1918, sir douglas haig was commander-in-chief of the he has been portrayed as both an incompetent 'butcher and bungler' and a had an ability to only hear what he wanted toas in the good news, not the bad. [APSNIP--] [APSNIP--] [APSNIP--]

was sir douglas haig a good or bad leader Although haig made his name as a good soldier and uprising general in the  boer war and zulu wars, i think he deserved his reputation as a bad war leader. was sir douglas haig a good or bad leader Although haig made his name as a good soldier and uprising general in the  boer war and zulu wars, i think he deserved his reputation as a bad war leader.
Was sir douglas haig a good or bad leader
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